About Us

Who is behind Albin & Tyne?


Albin & Tyne, that's Filip and Christiane. We initially met some years ago in the vibrant London city life and are now enjoying the waterfronts and seaside around Hamburg.


Various, different places we have lived, have been our biggest inspiration when creating Albin &Tyne: urban, timeless interiors of London coffee places and restaurants. The discreet, minimalist elegance of Hamburg, Filip's home and much, much time spend in the neighbouring countries of Scandinavia. An appreciation for the richness of simplicity, for natural, high-quality materials and genuine craftsmanship – the legacy of Christiane's second home, Vorarlberg, in Austria.


Filip has been fascinated by creating small brands online and helping them to live up to their full potential in the dynamic world of e-commerce for many years now. Together we wanted to create a small brand that can combine urban-minimalist design with the treasures of the natural world.While Christiane’s time at the LEGO group taught her the importance of the company’s own wonderful mission statement “Only the best is good enough”, which we are TRYING hard to adopt with everything we do at Albin & Tyne (please, bear with us, we have only just started J). So one of our core values is to never compromise on quality. 


Albin & Tyne’s brand mission

Albin & Tyne aims to create linen textiles with long-lasting appeal. To create a pleasant, cozy and relaxed atmosphere with the soft flowing fabrics and gentle tones. Minimal elegance in the everyday is at the very heart of our brand's DNA, expressed through natural, earthy and gentle colours combined with a soft and naturally lightly textured crinkle finish. The signature look that only 100% natural linen fabrics have.
Hamburg based, Albin & Tyne combines refined simplicity and functionality with the highest standard of Lithuanian craftsmanship. All our textiles are handmade by the small linen manufactory Lino Takas, which looks back on a long tradition in the production of linen and its processing from the flax plant.  



We strive for environmentally friendly production

The fabrics for Albin & Tyne are made separately and treated exclusively with environmentally friendly processes to achieve A&T's own soft feel through the stone- and prewashed process. All fabrics used by Lino Takes is certified with Ökotex 100.  



We only use recycled packaging materials

For the bags of our tablecloths we have chosen packaging from PackHelp. In collaboration with "One Tree Planted", PackHelp helps plant more trees than the amount used for their customers’ orders. It's only a small contribution towards a true circular economy, and we are still far from being a climate-neutral venture, but it helps us to be able to take small steps in this right direction as a so-called "forest-positive" brand.